Stay powered up all day with our UPS systems, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted through load shedding and power outages. Our Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup energy storage and system battery-based inverters provide the essential backup power your business needs to keep critical systems online when it matters most. Tailored for small businesses, apartments, and townhouses, our solutions offer a seamless power transition, safeguarding against disruptions and data loss. Trust M Squared to equip your business with the reliable UPS backup energy storage system it deserves, keeping you operational in the face of South Africa’s energy challenges.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (or UPS backup) or battery based inverter is an ideal solution for ensuring that critical systems don’t go down in the event of a power outage. They supply short-term relief, giving you time to switch to a generator system. Inverters also offer small business 3-4 hour backup solutions in order to run small loads like plugs or security systems etc. Our UPS backup solutions or Inverter battery backup systems will allow your company to continue with critical services, and ensure no data loss.


A UPS is an uninterrupted power supply. It relies on council power to charge a battery bank. When the power fails, the batteries DC Power output is fed into an inverter which converts the batteries DC power output to usable AC Power. This process is normally seamless as the UPS operates in parallel with council power.


As the name suggests, a UPS provides instantaneous, uninterrupted power. So when your mains power supply fails, the UPS automatically starts up, ensuring essential services of your business, for example, your network servers, don’t go down. The UPS can provide power until your generator starts, or in the case of short-term power outages, until the mains power is restored.


When installing a backup energy UPS, consider what equipment your business has that needs to be protected from power cuts. Businesses usually install a UPS for essential business services – in a retail environment this may be a cashier or security system. In an office, a UPS system could be used to keep servers up and running, or for computers or technical machinery that may be damaged during a sudden power cut.

To determine how much battery backup you need, you need to first work out exactly which equipment needs to be protected, and what is these items’ electrical draw.  You then need to decide how long you need the UPS to function for. If you have a generator on site that can be turned on quickly, you may only need a UPS with a 15 minute Battery backup, but if you’re looking for a solution that can last hours, you’ll need a bigger battery pack.

If you’re looking for a UPS or inverter for your business, M Squared has the expertise to assess your business’ needs and to recommend  a UPS system to meet your requirements. We can supply and install a UPS for your business, and suggest a holistic solution to aid during load shedding and unexpected power outages. Contact us for a personalised quote.