M Squared offers full support for all the products we supply. We can install, service, maintain and repair the generators and power products in our range. We’ll help ensure minimal downtime by sending our team to quickly and efficiently sort out any issues that may occur on site. Our services are available 24/7/365 to all of our contract clients to ensure total business continuity.


  • The installation of generators and power systems

  • Generator and UPS repair

  • Refuelling

  • The regular servicing and maintenance of generators


The installation of generators and power systems

When purchasing an M Squared power product, we provide a full turnkey solution for all your electrical needs.

Our fully qualified electrical teams will install your new power generation unit and ensure you’re ready for future power failures and load shedding events.

We also specialises in the supply and installation of UPS systems which will automatically transfer load from the power grid into your building or home via the UPS system when the power goes down, ensuring your power supply isn’t interrupted.

Generator and UPS repair

Our generator repair specialists will assess and repair generators and UPS systems that faulty or not working. Our expert team have the skills to ensure we get your power product up and running again as quickly as possible.

A generator break down could be caused by contaminated fuel, a blocked fuel filter, lack of servicing or over-use. Some of the reasons a UPS may break down include high temperatures, overuse of the battery, over cycling of the battery or incorrect voltage. Our team of experts know how to handle common generator and UPS issues and are ready to repair them at any stage


M Squared can assist with the refuelling of all generators within our network. This service is provided to our customers 24/7/365.

The regular servicing and maintenance of generators

A generator should be regularly serviced to ensure that it remains in good working condition. Regular servicing will prevent maintenance failures, fuel problems and other issues, ensuring your generator is ready to run at all times.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing should take place monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on how often the generator is used. A professional technician will be able to perform a few crucial tasks that will help extend the life of your generator and make sure it’s ready to use as soon as you need it.

During servicing, our technicians will perform all or some of the following tasks:

  • Change the oil and filter. A generator’s oil needs to be replaced at certain intervals, just like a car’s oil.
  • Replace air and fuel filters. Air filters help to keep dust and debris out of the engine, but they do need to be changed out. Fuel filters ensure that the diesel that enters your generators engine is clean, filtered and free from any water or moisture.
  • Generator inspection. The technician will make sure the generator hasn’t been damaged. Worn out parts will be inspected and repaired.