In the dynamic world of business, energy efficiency and sustainability are crucial. M Squared’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) offers an advanced solution for businesses to store energy efficiently, reducing costs and supporting green initiatives. This system is perfect for businesses utilising solar power, enabling energy storage for later use, peak demand reduction, and reliable backup power. With M Squared’s cutting-edge battery technologies, companies gain access to maintenance-free, eco-friendly power storage solutions. 

These systems are designed to thrive even in challenging conditions, ensuring businesses stay powered and sustainable.


A Battery Energy Storage System (or BESS for short) is a way of storing electricity by using specially developed batteries. Essentially, the storage system captures energy and stores it so that it can be used at a later time.

Recent advances in battery technology have helped to make Battery Energy Storage System a commercial reality for businesses needing energy storage.


When installing solar panels, a battery power storage system can be added. Instead of sending excess electricity produced by solar back into the grid, the energy can be stored in a battery and then used to reduce peak demand, or used as backup power during load shedding or power cuts.

A BESS system paired with solar makes an ideal load-shedding solution. And Peak Shaving – reducing a company’s peak demand for electricity by switching to the battery system at peak times – can help a company further reduce their electricity bills.

Modern battery energy storage systems generally include a built-in inverter and computerised control systems. This ensures systems are essentially maintenance and effort free.


There are many rapidly evolving innovations in the Battery Energy Storage space at the moment. Increased interest in this technology, along with more competition has led to a number of advances and improvements.

Until recently, the global standard for energy storage has been based on a bank of Lead Acid batteries coupled to an inverter and a rectifier to provide AC power. Today, the market has begun to shift away from Lead Acids and a move towards more efficient storage cells.

M Squared offers a number of key partnerships that allow us to bring the latest in power storage solutions to the South African market.

Our NaS Solution is ideal for Large Scale Grid Battery Energy Storage Systems. The Storage solutions can be scaled from 5mW to 500mW and can be paralleled to provide multiple gW’s worth of storage.

Development of NaS technology was started in 1984 to provide a more flexible energy storage alternative than pumped energy storage, for the world’s largest utility, TEPCO. The first NaS battery system deployment was in 1995.

The NsS batteries are the most effective way to store large amounts of electrical energy. Where Lithium Ion BESS’s are only able to provide a maximum of 1:4 ratio of kW:kWHr discharge, the NaS solution provides a 1:6 ratio. In other words, for every 1mW of Storage, the NaS Batteries provide a 6 hour discharge at the rated output.

The performance guarantees of the NaS Battery Energy Storage Systems are the best on the market. We provide a 20 Year / 7500 Cycle Performance guarantee. Most other BESS solutions provide only a 10 year guarantee with extremely stringent environmental operating conditions.

Thanks to a strategic partnership, M Squared is able to provide SNC batteries into the local market as their implementation partner. Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries are ideally suited to the Telco Market and High Risk Applications. The batteries are designed to operate in high temperature environments as the cells operate in a molten state. The hotter the environment, the better the cells perform, unlike Lithium and Lead Acid which require Air Conditioners to keep the ambient temperature at 25Deg Celsius.

External temperature does not affect the lifetime and performance of the battery module, and they provide market leading safety approvals among existing high-energy density batteries in all conditions including transport, stock and operation. The Batteries are completely maintenance free and are free of toxic material and 100% recyclable.

These batteries are designed to work in the harshest conditions known to man. They have a 20 year useful life, are theft and vandalism proof, and are ideal for the South African market.

Li-Ion is one of the newer and efficient storage solutions. The Tesla Powerwall uses this technology. M Squared can provide a storage solution for the home and the office similar to Tesla solution but at a largely reduced capital outlay.

As the demand for Lithium Ion batteries has increase globally, the cell technology has improved dramatically. The batteries are smaller, their energy density has increased and through the reduction in costs, the technology has become more affordable.


If you’re looking for battery energy storage solutions in South Africa, M Squared can offer expert advice and the latest technology. We can supply NaS Battery Energy Storage Systems, Sodium Nickel Chloride and Lithium Ion Solutions, and keep up to date with new advances in battery technology, which is improving rapidly. Speak to us to ensure you don’t invest in outdated technology.