Power outages and load shedding can put your business at serious risk. Not only will power outages reduce your business’ productivity and profitability, power failures also create security system failures.

Installing a generator will eliminate down-time caused by power outages keeping you always on and at your maximum operational capacity, it will also ensure that you maintain data and security integrity.


We all know the impact load shedding can have on the overall productivity of your business. A reliable industrial generator that meets the requirements of your operating conditions can offer a seamless switchover from grid electricity to backup power, with minimal interruption or downtime.

Even if outages occur while your business isn’t operating, backup generator power can be very important for maintaining your lighting systems and the integrity of your security so that they continue to operate, and your business isn’t left in a vulnerable position.

Unexpected shutdowns can lead to data loss and pose a threat to the security of your computer network. With a back-up diesel engine generator, continuity is sustained, and an automatic switchover means you’re not putting you or your customers at risk.


When deciding on a diesel generator for sale, the most important consideration is the required load and the operating conditions your business requires. This will determine the size of the diesel unit you need.

Buying a generator that is too small will result in constant power failures due to the inability of the generator to handle the load or you’ll have to create an essential load distribution board in order to cater for the generators output.  A diesel generator that is too big for your load and operating conditions can also create serious mechanical issues.

  • Do you need a generator that can power your entire operation in the case of a power outage, or would you only power essential equipment?
  • Do you need to keep your entire business running for hours on end in case of an extended power cut?

These are things to consider when deciding what generator solution you want to implement and we are well equipped and experienced to determine your power needs ensuring that the backup power solution you implement is right for you.


We offer a wide range of diesel generators for sale from Teksan South Africa, which are Euro Tier III compliant, TUV approved and are of the highest manufacturing standard.

For more complex and customised solutions, M Squared will design a generator solution that is specific to your needs taking into account the various generator suppliers and partners we work with.

By using our power analysis service, we will size the project, provide advice on the engine and alternator requirements (specific to your budget and the sound levels required) and then provide either a single or multiple synchronised generator solution.

We also look at larger installations, their power peaks and access to bulk diesel.

M Squared can also provide a sync to mains system with peak lopping, whereby the generator will assist with reducing the peak load requirement, which reduces your maximum demand from council, ultimately decreasing your cost in utility bills. A Synch to Main system also seamless power transfer during Load shedding thus providing you zero power interruptions.


The amount of fuel used depends on the size of the generator, and the load on the generator. The greater the load, the more fuel a diesel generator will use. A diesel generator is relatively fuel efficient.

New diesel injection and turbocharger technology has reduced diesel engines consumption while providing greater power outputs and reduced engine sizes.

To ensure you get the right sized generator solution for your needs, speak to an expert who can thoroughly assess your power needs and recommend the right generator. You want a system that can effectively handle your electricity needs, without having to overpay for a generator that is too large.

To ensure you get the right sized diesel generator solution for your required load and operating conditions, it is incredibly important to assess your operation.

Buying a generator that is too small will result in constant power failures due to the inability of the generator to handle the load or will require you to create an essential load distribution board in order to cater for the generators output.

A generator that is too big for your load and operating conditions can also create serious mechanical issues. If a generator runs below 50% of its rated load, the engine does not burn the diesel inside the engine efficiently, thus a carbon build up is created inside the engine. This build up can caused glazing inside the engine causing it to lose power and efficiency and eventually engine failure.

It is critical to assess a business’s power requirements in terms of kilowatts and not only kVA as a diesel engine generator is only capable of producing kilowatts. A generators alternator produces current; however the engine still has to be capable of providing the correct power to produce the current from the alternator.

Whether you’re powering a massive workshop, a factory, a shopping centre or a small office, our team can provide a professional power service analysis to find out exactly what size generator you need.

Before deciding on a generator service provider, be sure you know what role your supplier will play once backup generator is installed.  A generator is a costly investment, much like a vehicle, it requires periodic maintenance if you are to get a long operational lifespan from it.

Your supplier should be able to provide you with a maintenance and service contract. If they are not able to do that, look for another supplier.

Most diesel generators require a quarterly inspection and a lubrication and filter service every 250 hours or 12 months of operation, whichever comes first.

M Squared offer a number of important value added services, to ensure you’re never without the support you need. We offer generator maintenance and electrical installations and monitoring services. Remote monitoring allows constant real-time monitoring by a company’s operations staff as well as their suppliers maintenance personnel. If problems arise, the maintenance crews are aware of the issues at the same time as the client.

We are able to service all generators we install, keeping your equipment in full working condition.