Natural gas generators present a superior, eco-friendly power backup for businesses, delivering cost savings, reduced noise, and lower emissions compared to traditional diesel generator options. M Squared assesses your business to recommend the most efficient gas generator, offering you a wide selection of power and generation solutions for your needs.

Natural gas generators offer a cost-effective, quieter, and more environmentally friendly backup power solution for businesses with LNG gas line access. These gas-fueled units outperform traditional diesel generators by reducing operational costs and emissions, making them a smart choice for South African businesses and homes. The transition to gas generators is on the rise, thanks to their benefits like lower carbon dioxide emissions, which align with sustainability goals and potentially offer tax credits.

We help you determine the most cost-effective gas generator size and model, from small units to multiple Megawatt generators. We offer a comprehensive range of gas generators, providing detailed comparisons between diesel and gas models, as well as quotations for solar power and battery solutions, tailored to your specific business requirements.


Gas generators are a newer alternative to diesel, now available to the South African market. Gas generators are making inroads into South African homes and businesses as they offer a number of advantages over their diesel and petrol counterparts.


Gas is cleaner burning. LNG gas is cleaner than diesel, so these units are also better for the environment. On average, a gas generator in South Africa will emit 15% less carbon dioxide than a diesel generator. Businesses are able to reduce their carbon footprint and receive tax credits for their carbon footprint reduction strategy.


If this option is available, businesses with an installed LNG gas line can simply connect it to the generator. They will literally have fuel on tap, and never have to worry about running out.


Natural gas is priced lower than those of the other fuel options. Running a LNG generator for significant periods of time will result in savings during peak electricity periods due to the cheaper gas pricing.


In terms of maintenance costs and spares availability. A gas generator uses many similar components to their diesel counterparts. Their running costs are very similar if not slightly less than a diesel generator. There is also a total removal of environmental spillage risks that are associated with diesel generators.


Some businesses use a natural gas generator to reduce their electricity costs. If they turn on their natural gas generator during peak utility times, they can reduce peak demand charges, lowering their monthly electricity costs.

Gas Generators are more expensive to purchase due to the technology involved and the size of the engines required to power a gas generator. Their operational lifespan is significantly longer than a diesel engine due to the combustion efficiencies of natural gas.

Natural Gas is not widely available in South Africa so the uses are limited to certain areas.


The size of your gas generator will depend on your power needs. Gas generators range from small 8 kVA units to multiple MegaWatt generators. M Squared can provide a full assessment of your business, and work out the most affordable option for your business.

If you’re looking for gas generators in South Africa, M Squared offers a wide range of options. Through our years of experience in the South African market, we are able to assess your business needs and provide a site-specific solution for you. We can provide a cost comparison between diesel and gas generators, as well as quote you for a solar power and battery solutions.