Energy is a power source that breathes life into the efficiency of our daily lives. Electricity is the energy we need to run our homes, businesses, industries and the networks that drive our smart cities.

M Squared Power Generation started under the name M Squared Facilities Management in 2018 by Michael Muller who is passionate and curious about the generation of electrical energy.

M2PG initially set out to provide the Telecoms industry with a robust, cost effective and reliable energy storage solution, that would solve some of the operational challenges faced by the Telecoms industry in South Africa.  It became impossible to ignore old clients and friends who continued to reach out for support and advice, amidst the load shedding schedules causing chaos to their daily operations and overall productivity, they were looking for service and maintenance support as well as generators to rent and buy.

Having spent many years building relationships with these clients, based on trust and superior service delivery, the decision to extend our service & product offering was an easy one. In March 2019, we were 3 employees strong, supplying and servicing diesel generators, battery energy storage systems, hybrid diesel generator solutions as well as solar power.

In March 2020, we were extremely fortunate to continue to operate under the conditions of Level 5 lockdown, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and by September 2020 operating as M Squared Power Generation, we continued to grow to a proud team of 19 spanning across Johannesburg, KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town.

We are passionate about delivering a superior product offering through Teksan, as their sole distributor in South Africa as well as some other key partners across our portfolio of offerings.  We aim to deliver creative, reliable and robust energy solutions to our clients with care and commitment to ensuring their businesses are ‘always on’, operating at their best, ultimately delivering on their strategic and financial business objectives.

Together with our global partners we bring you the best energy services